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Easter Open West

30 & 31 Maart 2024

Easter Open West, is played in South Holland, near Amsterdam, namely in Sassenheim and Oegstgeest. 
Play at least six matches against many international teams, spread over two days. Two very beautiful sports parks, with many fields.

Because you play in day parts (not available on request), you still have the possibility to organize several things, outside of football. Trips to Amsterdam or Rotterdam are popular. A nice tour in stadiums, of Ajax or Feyenoord is also possible and many outdoor options can be booked.

Easter Open West is played in two places.
The following groups play in West:
Jongens: U17-U16-U15-U14-U13-U12-U11-U10- U9 en U8
Meisjes: U17-U15-U13

Many countries were already active at the Easter Open Tournaments, many continents.
Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Romenia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Austria, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, USA, Mexico, Colombia and the Netherlands of course.
Welke verrassing zou er in 2024 zijn?!

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